Kristi Stamp

A dedicated individual who enjoys the work presented to her. From the smallest project to the greatest challenge, she’s always up for the adventure.

You’ve heard that a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work you can believe it, it’s true! And, grandkids are truly a blessing!

Bottom Line:
Kris is there to assist you in your challenges big or small. Together we will work through the issues and find a solution.

Expertise that Counts:
Kris has been through many of the firms transitions. Starting out in 1983 as a receptionist and converting to the bookkeeping and tax side of the business. In 1993, she became an enrolled agent with the Internal Revenue Service. QuickBooks is also one of her strong points.

Lower Columbia College

Kris is married to Gary McVicker. Her children are grown with 4 grandchildren. She makes her home with the furry “kids”, Sasha, Brownie & Brutis.

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